Largest Gay Sauna In London Set To Close 2nd Location

Chariots Gay Sauna

Highgate Holdings has secured control of Shoreditch High Street. Which is where Chariots Sauna Shoreditch is located. One regular at Chariots Shoreditch has told Gay Star Business that staff were informed that the building was set to close at the end of February.

Though that has not been confirmed by Chariots Shoreditch. The powers that be at Chariots has been silent on social media about the upcoming closing.

In a twist a second Chariots location has been closed with no notice whatsoever. The branch in Streatham, which has been open for almost 20 years, shut its doors abruptly.

Longtime customer told Gay Star News

“I went there yesterday (16 February) at lunchtime. There was a big white van outside and they were taking away all the towels. The manager was there and he told me that staff were only informed last Friday that the land had been sold and the venue was closing. I think they closed Sunday.”

“He said they were all shocked and that he’d had regulars turning up and some were very upset to hear of the closure – some were in tears. I’ve had friends texting me, people who went regularly, who are really upset. I’ve supported the place for the last 15 years and am very sad to see it go.”

A spokesperson for Chariots confirmed the closure to Gay Star Business.

‘I can confirm that our Streatham branch has closed,’ said Melanie Giddings at Chariots’ head office. ‘Our Shoreditch branch is closing on 22 February, but we are actively seeking new premises in the Shoreditch area. Until then, our Waterloo and Vauxhall branches remain open.’

The closing of these two locations has prompted freelance journalist Tom Rasmussen to pen an op-ed piece. – What the loss of London’s gay saunas means for us.

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