Steam Complex Looking To Expand

Steam Complex is eyeing a former storage unit used by a pet shop as a new Bathhouse location.

They operates from a swingers’ club (called Pandora) during the day. This bathhouse would be open during the evening.

This new location plans to be open from 7 pm-12 pm on Sunday-Thursday, and 7 pm-2 am on Friday-Saturday. The new bathhouse would include a lounge, a bar serving only non-alcoholic beverages, and 12 private rooms, along with a locker room and showers.

With one bathhouse having daytime hours and this second bathhouse having nighttime hours, no word if customers would be able to go back and forth between bathhouses – if their time overlaps. As this bathhouse has battled city council over their operating hours (see Steam Complex Needs City Permission For Guys To Sleep Over)

Steam Complex mission statement – “Our mission is to provide you with the ultimate sauna experience, and that’s why we’ve created this one-stop-shop for all your sauna-related needs. Whether you’re a regular or new to the world of sauna, you’ll find everything you need right here”

“At Steam Complex Gay Sauna, we’re committed to providing the highest level of service and quality to our valued customers. So, join us on this journey, and let us take you on a memorable sauna experience like no other.”

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