Why Author Narvel Annable Is Pro Gay Bathhouse

Narvel Annable in Secrets of the Sauna
Narvel Annable in Secrets of the Sauna

Narvel Annable is an acclaimed author and gay rights activist who lives in Derbyshire, England. So you might ask? Well he is also a big supporter of gay bathhouses. In fact he recently participated in a documentary on the subject entitled “Secrets of the Sauna”, which took the public behind the doors of a bathhouse.

Says Annable

“The programme was made back in 2014 so it’s been quite a wait for it to finally appear – the people who made it came into our home to film and took us to all sorts of other places as well.

“They had my partner Terry playing (music) and were asking me to talk about how fun the saunas are – they’ve made us look really good.

Earlier Annable had written of his experiences as the following

At first, Terry was distressed at our private life exposed to public scrutiny, but is now appreciating its positive aspects. I’m philosophical. I went into this project with my eyes wide open. I can’t complain. On balance, friends are more optimistic about the effect it will have on my reputation as a serious writer and campaigner. I remind them, “You realise this will ruin me for presenting Housewife’s Choice!”

You can read Annable full text on why he participated in the documentary here – Secrets of the Sauna: Derby gay campaigner Narvel Annable to feature in Channel 4 documentary

Plus watch a clip from the documentary below

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