Gay Bath In The 1st Person

Gay Baths At Chariots
Gay Baths At Chariots

Couple of interesting articles (Five actually) this week for those who are curious about what goes down at the gay bath.

1) Brandy Cooklyn from Australia (who writes “I’d like to introduce this article by stating one thing: I am a massive slut!”) has written a beginner’s guide to the gay saunas.

2) Rebecca Krauss profiles DJ Cesar Murillo on DJing at Steamworks Toronto

3) Andrew Jacome writes “Picture it: you’re working up a sweat, surrounded by hot guys. They are all equally sweaty. You’re almost positive one guy keeps looking at you out of the corner of his eye. And you’re definitely positive the two guys beside you are unabashedly checking each other out. Quickly — are you in a gym, or a bathhouse? in Is your gym just a gay bathhouse?

4) Anonymous op-ed from a writer at Cornell University writes “If you are a dude who enjoys fucking other dudes, I strongly encourage you to go to a bathhouse at least once in your life” in The Bathhouse Globetrotter Finds Masturbatory Utopia

5) José Rivera writes how “bathhouses and gay saunas are maligned as ‘seedy’ but are actually relaxing, friendly and much needed” In The 5 ways gay saunas will surprise you if you’ve never been.

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