Wet On Wellington Turns 21

Wet on Wellington turns 21 in April 2022! Its major attraction is its 25-metre lap pool

General Manager since 2005, Shane Gardner, tells Star Observer

“There was no other gay sauna with a swimming pool or an outer courtyard. The facilities were on a much larger scale – the steam room was double the size of anything people had seen”

“A lot of people say, ‘Oh I don’t go to a sauna’. But then they come in for a drink, have a look and are pleasantly surprised. This place could have been called the Hilton Hotel, with its bar or a boutique gym. The only difference is that this is a licensed sex on premises venue.”

“It’s got a very Romanesque feel to it. It’s the sort of place where you can come and feel very comfortable, very safe and it’s very discreet.”

“Pre-Covid on weekdays from Monday to Thursday, the clientele was mainly men who do not identify as openly gay. So, it’s married men with families, who sneak in, do their stuff, feel comfortable and leave. There are regulars who visit once a month. On the weekends, it’s primarily probably 95% full on gay – gay guys walking in from Smith street and straight from the Peel. “

Over the years, there have been challenges, mostly to do with, as Gardner, who was in the bus industry for 28 years describes it, “getting bums on the seats!”

“We want people to return and enjoy the sauna, enjoy the security we provide and naturally to enjoy the facilities and the people they get to meet.”

To celebrate its 21st birthday, Wet On Wellington is offering multiple special prizes. Go to their website to read more about it

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