The Phantom Set In Gay Sauna

I thought I’d seen everything in over two decades of writing and blogging about the gay baths. But even a bathhouse veteran like myself can be surprised. The new film, a Spanish musical, “The Phantom of the Sauna.” Think “The Phantom of the Opera” set in a gay bathhouse.

Javi comes to a sauna club looking for a job. But soon, he’ll find a place full of secrets, the biggest of them is a strange man who will fall in love with him: the Phantom of the Sauna.

Director of this film Luis Navarrate says

“In most cases, love in LGBTI-themed cinema is expressed from a socio-political perspective or from a realism that does not give so much room for dreaming,” explains director Navarrete. “In this case, the project wants to tell a story without limits in its romanticism, making it as great and idealistic as all those mentioned above, regardless of the sexual orientation of its protagonists.’

“In short, the movie-musical The Phantom of the Sauna is a universal love story, written from the heart, that will make the viewer dream again.”

You can watch the trailer below – and The film is available to watch online at SpamFlix Here

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