Two Men Found In Medical Distress At Gay Baths

Medical Distress at Splash Sauna
Medical Distress at Splash Sauna

Two Men Found Medical Distress At Gay Baths.

54 year old man is in a critical condition after collapsing in a Liverpool city centre sauna. He actually collapsed ’15 minutes’ after entering club. The man was quite lucky that a nurse was patronizing the sauna at the time. This nurse was able to perform medical assistance while waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

As reported by The Echo:

The owner said police had told him they ‘didn’t suspect anything sinister.’

The man was unconscious and unable to speak after keeling over, bosses said.

The Splash owner added: “I’m very anxious to know what has happened. I don’t want anybody to sustain any injury at my business. It’s horrid.”

Merseyside Police spokesman said: “The 54-year-old man, from Blackpool, was taken to the Royal Liverpool University Hospital shortly after 6pm after collapsing in the sauna. His condition is described as critical.

“At this stage the cause of the man’s condition is unknown and officers, along with medics, are working to establish the reasons behind his collapse.”

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More serious note a man was found dead overnight at a Capitol Hill bathhouse, Club Z. This is not the first time a death has taken plave at this club. Since 2011 there have been other two deaths reported at this location.

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