Gay Steam: True Sex Tales From The Tubs

Gay Steam: True Sex Tales From The Tubs
Gay Steam: True Sex Tales From The Tubs

Gay Asian male who wrote Bathhouse Blues is back! This time with a new book that features 100% new original material. Real-life gay sex hook-ups witnesses firsthand by the author. This read will give you a front row seat on some of the wildest man-on-man action that takes place at the baths.

For many years readers have been asking me to write more erotic and steamy stories. Man on man action. The problem is that I don’t have many tales to tell. As faithful fans know, I don’t get lucky at the baths.

However I have observed my share of hot hook-ups over the years. With so much gay sex happening out in the open. On book shelves there have been plenty of gay erotica stories that have taken place at the tubs. But most of those stories have been fictionalized. This is what makes the book Gay Steam unique. Everything is 100% true, as all these stories have actually happened in a gay bathhouse setting.

Keep that in mind when you read start delving into these wild tales. Get undressed, wrap a towel around your waist and venture into the world of the gay baths. It will be a visit you will never forget. Thanks for reading. Me.

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