Death at Club Philadelphia

Death at Club Philadelphia
Death at Club Philadelphia

A death has occurred at Club Philadelphia a week ago Friday. According to G Philly, police arrived on the scene at 1:59 A.M on March 15. The 60-year-old man was later pronounced dead at Jefferson hospital.

This bathhouse was once known as a drug infested establishment where overdoses happened on a fairly regular basis. Two years ago a Canadian, Chris Srnicek, bought the business. Since then he has worked hard on renovating the club and riding it of its bad reputation. Complete with the name change to Club Philadelphia.

Srnicek told G Philly that the man died in all likelihood of natural causes. “We don’t think it’s drugs. There were no needles in the room. … Plus, as far as I know the gentleman was older, well put together, and was courteous and polite to the staff — not the stereotypical drug profile.”

Police are still investigating, but Srnicek feels confident they will find nothing “because as far as we know there was nothing strange or exceptional about his passing.”

To read more go to Man Found Dead in Gayborhood Bathhouse

UPDATE Some push back has arisen about Chris Srnicek comments on what a drug user looks like. He has responded that he was baited by the reporter and his words were taken out of context.

“My comments were taken COMPLETELY out of context…sorry Gents…!!! We got baited into this article and it has been spun to our detriment.”

He added later “It was spun negatively for us. Of course I don’t think 60 is old; I’m not a young twink myself. Anyway; we got baited into this article; my bad…I now know better when contacted by the media. Cheers, Chris”

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