Steam Room Death At Club Z In Seattle

Steam Room Death At Club Z In Seattle
Steam Room Death At Club Z In Seattle

A 47-year-old man has died of a possible drug-related overdose at Club Z in Seattle. It was a steam room death as he was found unresponsive in that area and pronounced dead 35 minutes later.

This incident marks the third time that someone has died at Club Z. In two separate incidents in September and November of 2011, two different men succumbed to their death at the spa. Steam room death happen more often than you think, with so many people coming and going in that area.

These deaths has prompted Michael Strangeways to write a blog post on the dangers of drugs at the baths.

At the end of his piece he writes

And, this lesson is: KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR DRINK AT ALL TIMES! If you go out to smoke/cruise the sidewalk/get fresh air/etc, either finish your drink, or leave it with trusted friends so they can keep an eye on it for you! It’s better to be safe, than SORRY!!! We’re done preachin’ for now…

To read go to Public service announcement: Drugs & saunas are bad.. also, watch your drinks!.

You can also read my own blog posts on the issue Drug Use At The Baths Part 1 and Drug Use At The Baths Part 2

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