Ronen Rubinstein Sauna Pic Taken Down By Instagram

9-1-1 Lone Star Actor Ronen Rubinstein posted this picture on Instagram

Apparently, it was too hot for Instagram, as it was taken down. But it lives on in the twittervere universe, with Ronen Rubinstein simply tweeting “Shvitz

Considering Ronen is a straight dude who plays a gay character – this photo brought out some bitchiness among gay men – one writing

“I’m not getting why this person deserves a whole page, all these photos are basic AF. He’s a handsome dude but I don’t get it. Also is showing partial underwears the way he’s doing it,… a thing? um… no thanks if it is.”

Another writing

“Why does this guy get so much publicity??? He is GAY BAITING!!!!!! Yes, he play a gay character, and yes, he came out as bi, but HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND!!!! He may show saucy thirst traps to entice us gays, but he goes home and has sex WITH A WOMAN!! PLEASE, let’s stop promoting this asshole!”

But Ronen does have his gay supporters – one writing

“Boring Bitchy queens are the losers here… I think Ronen is handsome AF and I love the shape he is in. He is a great actor and I love him in the Lonestar 9-1-1 series. Guaranteed he does not give a f*** about the bitchy nobodies! Rightly so.”

Another writing “More of this please! So many incredibly sexy out men to cover and Ronen is definitely one of them. Love his eyes!!”

Since Ronen plays a gay character – you can look at this picture and imagine his character in a gay bathhouse.

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