Bathhouse Uses Image Of Gay Actor Igor Cosso

Openly Gay Actor Igor Cosso was surprised to see photo of himself used in an ad for a gay Bathhouse

“Safofo: to look naughty and cute at the same time”

On twitter Igor Casso shared the image and tweeted

“And a gay sauna in Curitiba that was using photos of me in their posts and advertisements on Instagram and they sent me?. Good thing my boyfriend [Heron Leal] is a lawyer”

Adding that he will seek legal measures to correct the unauthorized use of his image.

But that didn’t stop Igor Casso followers from joking about the situation

“Was it misuse of the image? Yes! Was it a lie? No!” wrote one person.

“I love that people think they can use people’s photos as they see fit! There’s such a thing as image rights! The lawsuit is coming!” observed another person. “I know what they did was wrong but I’m laughing a lot. (laughs) The Brazilian’s audacity is unsurpassed”, said an internet user.

The bathhouse in question is Clube Privado and Igor Cosso tweet must have gotten their attention. Because the post featuring his image has been removed

For those not familiar with this actor

In 2020, when he was on the air of Salve-se Quem Puder, on Globo, Igor took advantage of the LGBTQIA+ Pride Day to admit that he is gay. He used his profile on the social network to share a photo with his boyfriend, along with a caption with a declaration to the loved one. “Now what? to lose followers, a clearer and more beautiful photo of me of love”, started Igor Cosso, in the caption of the publication on Instagram. “Thank you for the good energies! Let’s be happy and proud of ourselves, always!”, concluded the actor in the same post.

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