Hollywood Spa To Close Its Doors

Hollywood Spa To Close Its Doors
Hollywood Spa To Close Its Doors

One of the most historic and oldest gay bathhouses in the US is set to shut its doors. Hollywood Spa first opened its doors in 1974 and had not only survived but thrived. But after 40 years the owners cannot afford the rent.

Located at 1650 Ivar Ave, the current landlords want to double the rent of nearly $30,000 per month. The Spa is already six months behind in the rent already.

Weho Ville writes

Hollywood Spa opened in 1974 and, before the advent of HIV and AIDS, was a major destination for gay men who had few other places to meet one another. It had 100 private rooms, a DJ, a steam room and jacuzzi, an “adult video” lounge, a gym and a cafe. The spa boasted on its website that it hosted over 100,000 visitors a year. Conditions apparently have deteriorated in recent years, with commenters on Yelp.com and various gay websites complaining about poor maintenance and customer service and drug use by spa customers.

It is likely to close within the next two months, so if you want to enjoy the Hollywood Spa one last time, you better book your next trip. And fast.

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UPDATE Keep watch on Hollywood Spa Facebook page for details on a closing date and their Last Big Hurrah!


  1. For all those reading, The Hollywood Spa building was once part of the I. Magnin Department store chain where the main address was 6340 Hollywood Blvd…right at the SE corner of Hollywood and Ivar. Afterwards, it became Plato’s Retreat West, a swinger’s club. One of the Cheech and Chong movies was filmed there back in the 1970’s. the addresses comprising 6340 Hollywood and 1650 Ivar are registered historic landmarks. So one day, we may be eating or dancing where we used to play. I wish someone would take this place over and keep it open…there’s gotta be someone out there that is looking for a facility such as The Hollywood Spa to make it their own.

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