Continental Baths The Musical

Continental Baths The Musical
Continental Baths The Musical

Bette Midler is scheduled to appear on Broadway in the 2013 one-woman show about the life and times of Sue Mengers. However we might get two Bette’s on Broadway, the actress and the character. Confused? Don’t be.

According to Cindy Adams, Steve Ostrow the former owner of The Continental Baths is looking to adapt his book about the baths into a Broadway musical. Characters would include a towel-clad piano player Barry Manilow and a singer named Bathhouse Bette. Who of course is Bette Midler.

This is only in the talking stages as Steve Ostrow is looking for interested parties.

In a 1973 Rolling Stone profile, Bette Midler was quoted as saying “‘That last show at the Tubs was the worst. I’m telling you, it was the pits, honey,” and the magazine called it a “chaotic gig.”

But in his defense Steve Ostrow says today that…

“It was great, except Bette was pissed, as it was her last show, it was sold out to the rafters and she only got her normal salary!”

For more about the Continental Baths musical readCindy Adams column here

UPDATE Brand new interview with Steve Ostrow. For more read The King of the Continental Baths

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