OD Death At Steamworks Seattle

OD Death At Steamworks Seattle
OD Death At Steamworks Seattle

The blog Seattle Gay Scene is reporting a customer has died at Steamworks Seattle. The cause of death is allegedly due to a drug overdose.

Writer Michael Strangeways has composed an interesting blog post about the latest death at the gay baths in Seattle. In addition there are several comments in this post that are an interesting read. He writes:

And, yet another reminder that “playing and partying” are a deadly combo regardless of age, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to note that many of the men who die in these situations are 40+ and most of them were using some sort of drug at the time, legal or otherwise. (And, we should point out, that we don’t know the cause for the incident on Saturday…no official report has been released.) Poppers, meth, steroids, Viagra…whatever stimulants you take, they don’t always cope well with excessive activity (like fucking in a sex club steam room) and especially on bodies that are likely to be already stressed out with the use of stimulants.

But one person has commented

“Well and from what I hear the Steamworks management has been really vigilant about not allowing drugs in the facility and kicking out those found to be using so that makes this death all the more surprising and sad.”

To read his article and the interesting comments, go to (Alleged) Death At The Bathhouse Part 3…4?

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  1. You should see the Vancouver Steamworks that is part of the same chain.

    33 drug overdoses in 2.5 years and a death in December of 2014 but none of it is ever talked about in the community as there are so few gay venues in the city, no one wants another place to close. The media won’t speak about it for fear of bashing gays but how much longer are people going to be risking their lives in this place. They have a high turnover of staff, management is never around or if they are they are in a room pulling a pnp. No wonder the place isn’t busy anymore.

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