Dan Ireland-Reeves Sauna Boy Takes New York By Storm

Dan Ireland-Reeves’ one-man show Sauna Boy has taken New York by storm. Though it only played for two nights BroadwayWorld said it was “Captivating and intimate … filled with uproarious moments. Sauna Boy is a humorous and revealing dive into London’s Gay Bathhouse Culture”

Adding “Dan Ireland-Reeves offers audiences a captivating and intimate glimpse into London’s gay bathhouse culture. Dan effortlessly draws laughter from the audience as we follow his journey from his initial interview at the sauna to its climactic final days. Dan seamlessly embodyies a variety of vivid and fully realized characters.”

For those unfamiliar with Sauna Boy it comes from acclaimed writer/performer Dan Ireland-Reeves, who offers a semi-autobiographical glimpse into the inner workings of one of the world’s most enigmatic and alluring industries. Dan is an employee at one of the UK’s most thriving and notorious gay saunas. Here, men from diverse backgrounds converge to unwind, socialize, and, above all, engage in intimate encounters. Follow Dan as he navigates this clandestine realm of desire, camaraderie, and unconventional professional dynamics. It brims with kinetic energy and charged with eroticism, SAUNA BOY promises to leave a lasting impression—perhaps in more ways than one.

The latest update from Dan Ireland-Reeves facebook is that he will be returning to Dublin for the 21st International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival this May and the UK in June.

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