Sporting Biohazard Tattoo At The Baths

Sporting Biohazard Tattoo At The Baths
Sporting Biohazard Tattoo At The Baths

Evan Howard is a contributor to Positive Lite, a website about living with HIV. Recently he has gotten a Biohazard Tattoo smack dab in the middle of his chest.

This Biohazard Tattoo tells the world your poz identity and your solidarity with the HIV community.

Recently Evan wrote about walking the halls of the baths, and the reaction he get. Finding that the tattoo appears to work for him both as a shield as well as a warning.


“Met a guy last night online who was visiting LA for the weekend. We meet up this evening and found we had more than just a simple mutual attraction. He’s newly POZ (just six months) so when he got an eyefull of the tattoo he was a bit confused but being in the medical field he quickly connected the dots. His reaction, like many, was supportive yet I got the distinct feeling it wasn’t for him. Coming from a more traditional background I think being openly gay and now POZ was more than enough for him to deal with though he did have a nice tribal tattoo. I wonder if the tattoo would have been an issue for him if we wanted something more serious or maybe he would want one as well … there’s a thought.”

To read the rest for yourself go to The biohazard blog, part four: bathhouse breakout

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