Gay Bathhouses in Seoul South Korea

Gay Bathhouses in Seoul South Korea
Gay Bathhouses in Seoul South Korea

The Kimchi Queen is a blog, in English, about gay life and culture in Seoul and South Korea. One recent post featured a list of Gay Saunas in Seoul South Korea.

The blogger writes

I’m going to try to work on a comprehensive list of saunas (and ‘sleeping’ rooms) in Seoul. Most lists only have the big ones in larger neighborhoods, but there are other saunas and gay sleeping rooms throughout the city. I got these listings from World Cuisine, which was published back in 2007, Ivan City, and the informative, though poorly designed, Utopia Asia. If anyone knows of any more, if any of these have closed, or you have better directions to the sauna (some of my translations are pretty poor), please let me know. If you have been to the sauna and you want to contribute more information, please do! I would love to have a contributor writing posts about saunas around Seoul and/or Korea.

He concludes the list by writing the following

Wow… this is tiring. I’ll have to finish this later. I still have these locations to try to find directions to:

To read the list for yourself go to List of Gay Saunas in Seoul

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