Comic Baek Jae Hyun Caught In Gay Sauna

Comic Baek Jae Hyun Caught In Gay Sauna
Comic Baek Jae Hyun Caught In Gay Sauna

Unfortunately it is not any comedian you may know. Unless you are from South Korea.

Baek Jae Hyun was caught performing oral sex on a sleeping man. The comedian, or ‘gagman’ as they are known in Korea, is adamant that he is not gay. Rather he was drunk when this happened, and didn’t know what he was doing. He was arrested for assault.

But the question remains, what was he doing in a gay bathhouse. Was he that drunk to be able to walk through the door, pay admission and then walk around looking for someone to perform oral sex on?

In fairness there are actually straight bathhouses that catering to men taking a steam bath. Some even crash there when they are too drunk to drive home.

Which is Baek Jae Hyun excuse. However the sauna is known to be a gay hangout according to a poster at another forum. But then again straight guys use the sauna to crash when drunk.

Media bulletin released to the press read

“The suspect is a popular comedian and is also a criminal with two previous convictions; On May 17, around 3 o’clock, at a sauna located in Seoul Jongno-gu, the suspect had molested the victim by touching and sucking the victim’s genitals multiple times and also touching and licking the victim’s chest, making the victim feel sexually humiliated against his own will. Previous conviction records are in relation to driving; they are not sexual molestation charges. Currently, neither the victim nor the suspect have revealed their intentions on a settlement. We will be sending the case to the prosecutor soon.”

Only time will tell what happens, and it is up to Baek Jae Hyun to tell his story.

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