Terri Jean Bedford Reality Show Set In Bathhouse

Terri Jean Bedford Reality Show Set In Bathhouse
Terri Jean Bedford Reality Show Set In Bathhouse

Now before you get excited it will be taking place in a heterosexual bathhouse. Or a swinger’s sauna, whichever term you prefer.

This series is not about the bathhouse culture per say. But on the world of S&M and swinging couples. It will star Terri Jean Bedford, Canada’s best-known dominatrix, under the working title The Bondage Bungalow. They have to shoot somewhere, so the locale will be the swinger’s bathhouse venue Oasis Aqua Lounge.

As written in previous posts here, Oasis Aqua Lounge used to be the historic gay bathhouse Club Toronto. In business for over 45 years, it closed its doors due to financial issues. Which is where Oasis Aqua Lounge stepped in to turn it into a heterosexual bathhouse.

Many former customers of Club Toronto have been curious to see the new venue. Unfortunately that has been out of reach for many former customers. Oasis Aqua Lounge has a heterosexual couples only policies. Or single women. No single men are allowed through the doors. If you are a man and want to go, you have to find a female willing to go with you.

So through this new reality show, longtime customers of Club Toronto will finally be able to see all the changes Oasis Aqua Lounge has done to the old building.

To read more about this new reality show go to Terri Jean Bedford sells new reality show

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