Comparing Bike Showers To Gay Baths

Comparing Bike Showers To Gay Baths
Comparing Bike Showers To Gay Baths

Bike stations are popping up all over the world, especially in urban centers, complete with Bike Showers.

In Toronto opposition is brewing for the construction of a bike station will have shower facilities. One of the strongest opponents is Councilor Doug Ford, brother of Mayor Rob Ford.

During a media scrum Doug Ford suggested the bike showers would turn into a bathhouse, complete with a towel boy. Some councilors called his remarks homophobic.

To which Doug Ford replied,

“Don’t tell me I’m homophobic. I’m donating to the gay Pride Parade.”

Then followed up by musing what sort of “hanky-panky” would take place in the bike-station showers.

Later on Ford was forced to apologize at the request of the speaker. But in his apology he suggested some might get caught having quickie sex. For that remark he had to apologize yet again.

When asked about his comments being construed as homophobic, he said that was “ridiculous.”

“I’m the last guy who’s homophobic and I think everyone knows it. I’m not even worried about those ignorant comments like that. I don’t care if you’re straight, gay, purple, pink, it doesn’t bother me. You have showers in a basement in a parking lot. Is it going to happen? I don’t know. Is it likely going to happen? I’m not too sure. But who would want to take a shower in the basement of a parking lot, with everyone else taking a shower? Do they have shower monitors? One female shower monitor for the females, and one for the males? It’s just a waste of money.”

At the end of the day Toronto City Council approved the bike station, 26 to 5.

For more read Complaints of homophobia prompt Toronto councillor Ford to withdraw bathhouse remarks.

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