Alcohol License Will Lower Chem Sex Says Bathhouse

The Basement Complex Bathhouse in Manchester has been granted a liquor license after they successfully argued that alcohol would lower the rise of Chem Sex at the baths.

Their application has support from patrons of The Basement Complex, who said that the abundance of alcohol would create a “safe space” rather than unsafe spaces in private homes.

Writing in the application

“The consumption of this drug, whilst niche, certainly does occur in Manchester amongst a subgroup of gay men who engage in group sex,” a document submitted to the licensing panel stated.

“However, whilst cases are rare, it is possible for the co-consumption of G and alcohol to result in in loss of consciousness and in worst case scenarios death.

“I would urge Councillors to recognize that people are already combining these in domestic settings at private parties, where there is no regulation of the consumption of either of these drugs.

“I wish to suggest that it will be safer to facilitate the use of alcohol in a regulated premises where, if the staff had any suspicion that their patrons were under the influence of other drugs, they could merely decline to serve them any alcohol.

“This would be a significant way of ensuring harm reduction and making sure that alcohol and drugs do not mix.”

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