Gossip Girl Bathhouse Scene Pure Fiction

In the second episode of “Gossip Girl,” an 18-year-old student (Maximus “Max” Wolfe, played by Thomas Doherty) has a crush on his teacher (Rafael “Rafa” Caparros, played by Jason Gotay).

Max desperately wants to sleep with Rafa (his teacher). So what does he do? Max decides to stalk Rafa to find where his favorite cruising places are. He hits pay dirt when he finds out Rafa visits the baths twice a month. So Max takes his 16-year-old male friend (Akeno “Aki” Menzies, played by Evan Mock) to the baths to make Rafa jealous. The two even make-out all within eye distance of Rafa.

Anyone who knows the bathhouse business would know this scenario is PURE FICTION. One of the characters in this is 16-years-old. The baths would NEVER allow a 16-year-old to enter a bathhouse. It would be against the law as the age of consent in New York is 17.

If the customer looks too young, the front desk would ask for an ID to be provided. Even if the customer used a fake ID, the teacher knows a 16-year-old is on the premises and would report that student to management. Why would the teacher do that? It would be worst if he kept quiet. Imagine a teacher knowing a 16-year-old was at the baths the same time he was and did nothing. What a teacher does in his own time is one thing, but knowing a student was somewhere he shouldn’t be, that is worse.

So while I’m all for the Baths being portrayed on TV Shows & Feature Films, but I don’t appreciate inaccuracies on Gossip Girl.

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