Brush Up On Your Bathhouse Rules

Bathhouse Rules

Bathhouse Rules – Do You Remember All Of Them? We are approaching two years with this pandemic, and bathhouses all over the world are slowly re-opening. Gay men have been away that long, some of us have forgotten the Bathhouse Rules.

Fortunately Peter Benn of Star Observer has jotted a few basic Bathhouse Rules, as a refresher course. He writes

What Codes/Conditions you may ask? These do exist, and therefore you should be aware of their implications for your safety, privacy, and legal obligations before visiting. When you pay your admission, you are entering into a legal agreement to abide by it.

Entering the premises infers that you also agree to your behaviour. No means No. Alcohol and glassware are banned in play areas. No mobile phones/cameras. No illegal drugs/syringes, (amyl/poppers are ok). No violence. No vandalism. No prostitution or soliciting. And you respect the right of others to play privately or in public. Dark areas, wet floors, equipment, infections, physical bodily harm – they’re all at your own risk.

You also agree to follow staff directions, including being removed from the premises for offensive behaviour, drug use, being intoxicated, argumentative – whatever they choose. Even using water wisely is expected, as is safe sex, and agreeing to be searched at any time.

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