Councilman SHOCKED To Discover Vapor Spa Is Gay Bathhouse

Councilman SHOCKED To Discover Vapor Spa Is Gay Bathhouse
Councilman SHOCKED To Discover Vapor Spa Is Gay Bathhouse

Democratic councilman David James was SHOCKED to discover that Vapor Spa was actually a Gay Sex Club. Me thinks that Mr. James is not aware of what a male bathhouse is all about. As there are bathhouses all over the world.

Anyhoo Mr. James tells WHAS-TV

“We have issues of sexually transmitted diseases according to the health department coming through there,” he explains. “But the bigger problem is this is a place that advertises and suggests lewd behavior at its location.”

Seems curiosity killed the cat as Mr. James even paid a visit to Vapor Spa to see what a male bathhouse was all about.

“There were people openly having sex all over the place!” he says. “I was kind of shocked.”

Mr. James even presented an outrageous claim that a CDC study found approximately 20% of Louisville’s gay men who have contracted STDs also visited Vapor Spa.

However cooler heads seems to have prevailed. After finding out that bathhouse are NOT illegal in the state, Mr. James abstained from voting on a proposal to close three alleyways that supporters say will aid a $20 million project by owners of the Vapor Spa.

However he wants to study the issue of regulating spas, bathhouses and other similar venues. Saying

“We’ve come to an understanding that we need to move forward to create public policy and decide as a community on how to deal with these type of locations,”

For their part the owners of Vapor Spa accuse the councilman of fear mongering and targeting their business because it serves gay customers

To read the latest about this story go to Compromise on alleged sex club. Watch the video below

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