Can You Find Mr Right At Gay Baths?

Can You Find Mr Right At Gay Baths?
Chariots Vauxhall Sauna London

Mark David Woollard has a column in The Gay UK called The Undateable Gay. In it he chronicles his search for Mr Right. His latest column discusses if one can find love at that gay baths.

Here is an excerpt below

As I sit my naked body down in the jacuzzi, the two geriatrics grin at me with their false gnashers. I mean, I don’t know that they’ve got false ones, I’m just being ageist. I lay back and close my eyes, enjoying the bubbles fizzing around me. Cor, I suddenly feel bubbles bubbling quite ferociously around my man bits. As I start to feel slightly aroused from jacuzzi fizz, I put my hand down to check it’s not being fizzed away from my pubic bone. And my lord, I get a shock.

My hand bumps into another hand and as I look up, I see the geriatric grinning at me, a full display of false Steradent cleaned gnashers glistening in my apple pies. At least his false teeth aren’t stained, I think to myself. So it could be worse.

Want to read more? Then go and read Mark David Woollard column Can You Find Love In A Gay Sauna?

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  1. I don’t know if you can find Mr. Right at a bath house, but I did. Married now for 25 years and he banks 350K a year at his high up tech job. But I did not marry him for money, he is a terrific fuck and we have sex 3-4 times a week even now.

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