Gay Spa & Bathhouses Re-Open In UK

UK Spa Association says August 1 has been selected as the date by Briton’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy to have saunas and steam rooms reopen.

Some UK Spa have already been open

Covent Garden Health Spa, in central London, opened July 24. Blackpool-based centre W3 Sauna reopened July 22. Northwich Spa, reopened July 28. While Helsinki Spa in Ipswich said a planned August 1 is on the table, tweeting

Opening times will be for the month of August :

Sat 10-5pm
Tues 10-5pm
Thursday 10-5pm

This allows deep cleaning on the alternate closed days.

Massage Bookings can be made now on 01473 724196.

Whirlpool ✅ (to a set capacity).

— Helsinki Spa (@Helsinki_Spa)

Some plan for an Autumn re-opening

Pipeworks Men’s Health Spa, in Glasgow, Scotland, said in a statement that it plans to open September 1. While Luton’s Greenhouse Sauna has opted for an October reopening.

But some UK Bathhouses have no firm date for re-opening. Those include Number 52 Sauna, in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Swindon-based Touch Sauna, London’s Sweatbox, Plymouth’s Manticore Spa, Hampshire’s Pink Broadway and the Green House Sauna network – have yet to announce a planned reopening, their websites or social media stated at the time of writing.

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