Neighborhood Wants Gay Sauna Booze Free

Neighborhood Wants Gay Sauna Booze Free
Neighborhood Wants Gay Sauna Booze Free

The Honeycombe Sauna in Blackpool is facing opposition over its plans to sell alcohol in their club.

The sauna resides in a mostly residential neighborhood. Residents fear that allowing alcohol to be sold, late night partying will take place. They want the place to be Booze Free.

Sid Willis, of the Tuck In Cafe on Egerton Road, said:

“If you are going to have a sauna, why would you want to be drinking at 3am in the morning?

“If they are going to be serving alcohol into the early hours of the morning, it will be very noisy and disruptive to the residents who live nearby.”

The area’s ward councillor Ivan Taylor is backing the residents in their campaign.

“I have had people express concern to me about the Honeycombe Sauna.

“I would not be supporting an extension of the hours in that area because it is fundamentally a residential area.

“There are families living in the area and that’s the way we want to try and keep it.”

Anthony Thorpe, of Egerton Road, said:

“We have lived here for 11 years and it is a nice area. This is a residential area and it is just not appropriate to have the possibility of late night parties going on.”

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UPDATE: The Sauna has since closed

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