Flex Los Angeles Bathhouse Re-Opens

Flex Los Angeles Bathhouse Re-Opens
Flex Los Angeles Bathhouse Re-Opens

In May I had written that Flex Los Angeles had suddenly shut its doors. Customers were baffled as to the reason. Especially since the bathhouse underwent a major renovation prior to its shutdown.

That was then. Imagine everyone’s surprise when the club recently re-opened its door on August 1, 2014.

The following message appeared on its Facebook page.

The club (Flex Los Angeles) is re-opening at 4 p.m. today, Aug. 1, after being closed for several months.

We greatly appreciate all the support from our patrons as we continue to work through issues with the city. Due to these ongoing permitting matters, some temporary restrictions are in place. But they won’t interfere with your having a good time.

So come by. Our doors are open!

As a special thank you they had a barbecue on the weekend, to thank their loyal customers for their patience and loyalty over the years.

Great to see them back up and operating again!

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