Spa Night

Spa Night
Spa Night

Spa Night is Andrew Ahn debut film about a Korean-American coming to terms with his sexuality amidst the all-male spas of Koreatown. The bathhouses depicted in this movie are supposed to be straight saunas that the male Korean community uses. But that doesn’t stop the amount of gay sex that happens. As Andrew Ahn told Gay Star News

I think there are many people who find something exciting about having sex where you’re not supposed to – there’s a thrill to that risk. There’s also a level of closeted-ness that you can maintain at a Korean spa that you can’t maintain at a gay bathhouse. If you’re spotted a gay bathhouse, people know exactly why you’re there. If you’re caught at a Korean spa, you can protect yourself by saying you are there to just relax. David would never get a job at a gay bathhouse, but it’s not an issue for him to get a job at a Korean spa.

The protagonist in this film is named David and he hooks up with a fellow Korean guy. Why is that important? Andrew Ahn says

David’s gone through so much conflict – I think he feels like this other guy understands him. There’s an added layer of connection beyond just the physical that pushes him over the edge, to do something a little risky. For me, this is a good sign for David. It’s no longer just about desire, he’s forging a gay identity.

Watch the trailer below. For more information on this film go to Andrew Ahn website here

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