Bathhouse Raids Apology

Bathhouse Raids Apology
Bathhouse Raids Apology

The gay community in Toronto received something extraordinary on the eve of Gay Pride. The current Police Chief apologized for their role in the bathhouse raids 35 years ago. For a bit of background go to Toronto Bathhouse Raided The 35th Anniversary.

While some thought this was long overdue, others felt it was a dollar short, as it wasn’t an official apology. In fact the words “apologize” and “sorry” was not even uttered or even mentioned. Rather the narrative was one of “regret”. As in the police were regretful as to what had happened 35 years ago. In addition there was a raid over a decade ago at a women’s bathhouse night, and no apology was offered for that raid. But one can hope one will come soon.

Anyways there are so many articles about this historic apology they will be listed here for you to go through.

Letters to the Editor

Police apology too little, too late?

LGBT liaison officer calls Chief Mark Saunders’ bathhouse raids apology a ‘huge step’
As a gay woman and a Toronto police officer, Const. Danielle Bottineau understands that her two communities haven’t always seen eye-to-eye – but she says that Chief Mark Saunders’ words of regret about the historic bathhouse raids was a “huge step”

The bathhouse raids galvanized foes of police brutality
From the G20 to Black Lives Matter and the shooting death of Andrew Loku, cries for police accountability reverberate today

Toronto police regret 1981 bathhouse raids, chief says
Mark Saunders expressed ‘regret’ for the Feb. 5, 1981 raids, which resulted in hundreds of arrests.

Women strip-searched, charged in bathhouse raids reject public apology
Six male police officers raided an all-female party at a bathhouse in 2000

Toronto police Chief Mark Saunders apologizes for 1981 gay bathhouse raids
Armed with crowbars and sledgehammers, police raided 4 bathhouses 35 years ago

My night in a gay bathhouse
I was nervous going in, saddened coming out

The Canadian Stonewall
Toronto police ‘expresses its regret’ for gay bathhouse raids

Remembering the Toronto bathhouse raids
Two men reflect on their experiences during the 1981 raids by Toronto police.

Do young Grindr gays know Toronto LGBT history?
We asked guys how much they know about the infamous bathhouse raids

Celebrated author Margaret Atwood on bathhouse raids and LGBTQ history
With Pride month starting, the Star speaks to Margaret Atwood about her speech against the 1981 bathhouse raids.

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