Thomas Banks Quest for Love In A Bathhouse

Thomas Banks
Thomas Banks

Thomas Banks is a writer/performer who is your typical young gay male. He likes going out on the town, dancing up a storm at clubs, and using social media to hook-up. One difference is that he has Cerebral Palsy.

But he has never let his CP stand in the way of living life to the fullest. Especially when it comes to disabilities and Sexuality. He has mounted a one-man show about his quest to find love, even in a bathhouse! He has toured from one end of Australia to another performing his show. One in five Australians has some form of disability. Now there will be a an intimate and heart felt documentary about him based on his one-man show.

Apparently there is a scene of him at the baths, because people have to understand that just because you are disabled, doesn’t mean your sex drive goes way. That feeling of wanting and connecting with someone is there inside of every single person.

For more information watch the video below. Please go to Thomas above Facebook and like his FB page! He truly is a great guy. And that is a fact!

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