Dallas Voice 30 Years With Club Dallas

Dallas Voice 30 Years With Club Dallas
Dallas Voice 30 Years With Club Dallas

Dallas Voice celebrates 30 Years With Club Dallas. Not often two institutions celebrate 30 years together.

But that is exactly what these two organizations have done. In fact Club Dallas celebrates two milestones this year.

It will celebrate its 40th anniversary as one of the longest running Bathhouses in America this August. During the past 40 years this bathhouse has weathered some stormy times.

Everything from the gay rights movement to the Aids crisis to the digital age of hook-ups; this club has seen it all.

As Josh Smith, manager and co-owner of Club Dallas, says “The Clubs were able to survive because of the forward-thinking of the owners at the time,” Smith says. “The decision to add a gymnasium in the club was truly a life-saving decision. It helped people stay alive, giving them a place to work out and stay healthy. [Back in the 1980s], most mainstream gyms wouldn’t allow HIV-positive men to join, if they found out.”

But they are celebrating another milestone. 30 years of advertising in the Voice.

Since its inception on May 11, 1984, this bathhouse has had an ad in every edition.Both businesses have every intention of keeping this relationship going.

To read more about this special relationship go to The Over 30 Club: Club Dallas.

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