Elderly Man Dies In Whirlpool At Club Pittsburgh

Elderly Man Dies In Whirlpool At Club Pittsburgh
Elderly Man Dies In Whirlpool At Club Pittsburgh

Club Pittsburgh is in the news due to a death on its premises.

72-year-old Robert Crye was found dead Friday night in a hot tub at Club Pittsburgh.

Gay philanthropists and Democrat fundraisers Peter Karlovich and Steven Herforth currently own the club.

An autopsy has been scheduled for Saturday, and an investigation has been launched to see if Crye’s death was of natural causes or whether he drowned.

This is the second death at Club Pittsburgh in less than a year.

In January of 2009, 31-year-old of Cleophus Pettway of Youngstown, Ohio, was found dead in his room. Toxicology results indicated that Pettway had cocaine and amyl nitrite in his system.

In that case the Allegheny County District Attorney declined to charge the club with manslaughter. It was concluded that the cocaine, rather than the amyl nitrite likely caused the overdose.

Long expose in a hot tub, especially for the elderly, can cause drowsiness or raise/lower the blood pressure.

So we all must be more careful when using the whirlpool. Everyone should also keep an eye out for others taking a soak, especially the elderly so these types of deaths can be avoided. So be aware of those you are sitting next to in that whirlpool.

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