STD Awareness At Steamworks Chicago

STD Awareness At Steamworks Chicago
Photo courtesy John Lendman for Redeye Chicago

This month is STD Awareness Month.

There is a new article detailing how Steamworks Chicago is a place for STD education and sexual health awareness.

Steamworks Chicago Nirmalpal Sachdev

There’s a real misconception of what goes on here. People think it’s seedy or unhealthy, but if places like this didn’t exist, people wouldn’t be given the opportunity to be educated as they are having sex.

Howard Brown Health chief program officer Joe Hollendoner adds

Oftentimes we approach venues about partnering with them, whether it’d be HIV testing, counseling, treatment or providing health education, more often than not we get turned away, Steamworks goes out of its way to support our work.

Local gay podcast Feast of Fun’s hosts Fausto Fernos and Marc Felion offer light hearted audio tours and even tips on bathhouse etiquette (one of the show’s first sponsors was Steamworks Chicago).

We don’t shy away from anything — we cover a broad range of sexual diversity that our audience is fascinated in. They (Steamworks) invest a lot of energy and resources into outreach in the community on many different levels. Steamworks really is a bedrock of our community.

To read this article click to Steamworks’ real purpose: sexual health advocacy

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