Gay Sauna Scene In 1990s

Gareth Edward, Cabaret and variety performer, is mounting a one-man show about the gay sauna scene in the 1990s.

Entitled “Jack Hoosie and the Leisure Groan” it tells the story of a bathhouse owner struggling to keep his business afloat during the explosion of internet hook-ups.

Says Gareth Edward

“While it’s all digital now but in the 1990s before dating apps existed meeting people in these saunas were very common.

“It is now very different with apps like Grindr. We are aiming to tap into people’s nostalgia.

“Initially, we thought we would have a mostly gay or queer crowd, but we think it is more relatable as it is about a failing business and a failing relationship, and people find that common experience.

“I think people will enjoy it even if they have no knowledge of gay bathhouses.

“This play is to be made for those interested in the dark comedy, which could be quite shocking but also tragic and heart touching at the same time.

“I recommend this piece for anyone who is open-minded and wants to know more about our social history.”

“the play is ‘sex positive’, which for some people is controversial.”

“But I think we show something real here; something that is still going on and exists.

“Something, I think people should be aware of.”

“Yes, some will probably label it provocative, but I do not want to shock people. I want to tell the truth.”

Donate to its fundraising drive to put the play on at Jack Hoosie and the Leisure Groan Crowd Funder

See more about the play below

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