Sauna Club Drug Use Panel

Sauna Club Drug Use Panel
Sauna Club Drug Use Panel

Due to a string of overdoses in London bathhouses a special panel discussion is taking place. Sauna Club Drug Causalities is being put together by Michael Peacock to start a dialogue on drugs, clubs and the baths.

Aims & Theme

‘To bring together a panel in most part made up of high profile personalities from the ‘scene’ who are well informed about ‘drug culture’ All have a non judge-mental attitude. We want to invite questions that will explore why this culture exists and more prevalent than on the ‘str8’ scene – the consequences – can attitudes be changed – what support exists – and what more could be done? The focus will be to make the theme of the debate appeal to the very people affected by the culture – be it users, those that have lost friends, ex users and anyone that cares. This will NOT be about blaming the clubs AND saunas.’

Instead of having experts of a scientific background, people who have first hand knowledge of the scene will be offering their opinions. It will focus more on the gay community and less on public health. Many sauna owners and nightclub promoters who have dealt with overdoses on their premises will be attending in full force

For more read Is a community in crisis beginning to self care and visit their Facebook page to sign up and attend.

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