Wife Infected With HIV By Bathhouse Hubby On Down-Low

Barbera and John Ames

Barbera Aimes discussing how how she FORGAVE her husband for infecting her with HIV. An infection the husband contracted after he visited gay saunas on the down-low throughout their marriage. Saying

“It’s not uncommon for straight men to go to a gay bathhouse. He loved the attention. He was not getting anything from me,” she admitted.

“He said he would go to the bath-house and come back and feel icky and awful. Like an alcoholic. You go to get your happy on but afterwards you get an awful hangover.”

But, remarkably, the couple are still together – and happier than ever. Now, Barbera sees the entire situation as a “gift”, and admitted she was partly responsible for what happened. Saying

“I don’t take responsibility for what he did, but I do take responsibly for my part in the dysfunction of the relationship.”

“I’ve been outsourcing as well – that is how he said it,” she said. “But, he had outsourcing sex. Apparently men feel connected during the physical act of sex, and women feel connected during intimacy. At first he didn’t say it was through the gay community. I automatically assumed it was through women. My imagination was going wild. Were they prostitutes? Did he have a girlfriend? Did he have multiple girlfriends?

“But the next day he told me the sex he was having was with men, not women. The Aids wasn’t spoken it was assumed.”

“My purpose in going public with this story is to help people move their circumstances, and see it as a gift,” she said.

“We all have these circumstances. I see it as a gift. I’ve even coined a turn for it. I call it a supernova moment. When we shift the way we look at things, we really come into our own power.”

Barbera spoke as part of The Million Person Project – spreading awareness of HIV and AIDS. In the short the down-low.

To read this story in full go to HIV HORROR My husband gave me Aids but I forgave him as his gay affairs were partly my fault

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