Lt. Dan Choi Finding Love At The Baths

Lt. Dan Choi Finding Love At The Baths
Lt. Dan Choi Finding Love At The Baths

Dan Choi is a hero to many. But when it comes to the baths, some might not agree with his viewpoint.

There are some gay men who view the Bathhouses as the scummy, vile and quite dirty. Dan certainly isn’t one of those men!

In fact he tells The New York Observer that he met his current partner at the baths at the video below!

On weekends he used to drive his jeep to New York City to visit the baths. Which is where he met his partner, Matthew Kinsey, an executive at Gucci 20 years his senior.

What is great about Lt. Dan Choi coming out about going to the baths is that far too long the gay community has viewed bathhouses as some sort of dirty place.

Lt. Dan Choi openly and honestly explains what the baths are all about, and has no shame that he met his current partner there. Wonder if he has read my other blog, Bathhouse Blues, to get some tips. If he did, I would be very flattered! You should take a look as well. Who knows you might learn something you never knew about the gay baths. You learn something new everyday!

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