Man Found Dead Wearing Mask In Gay Bathhouse

Man Found Dead Wearing Mask In Gay Bathhouse
Man Found Dead Wearing Mask In Gay Bathhouse

From Fox News Detroit
Man found dead with mask on at Detroit health club

Authorities are investigating a man’s death at a Detroit health club after he was found deceased with no clothes and a face mask.

The body of the 54-year-old man was found at Body Zone, which is in the 1600 block of E. McNichols, early Sunday morning.

John, a man who identified himself as the general manager of the facility, said that cleaners found the body. Police say they got the call about the death at 9:08 a.m.

The Wayne County Medical Examiner says they have not positively identified the man yet. Police say the man went to the facility of his own volition.

Investigators also report there was no drug paraphernalia nearby, or any trauma to the body.

While police are calling the death “suspicious,” they aren’t ruling out the possibility the man may have had a medical condition or died of natural causes. John claims the man did die of natural causes.

Until the Medical Examiner makes a ruling in the case, the death would be classified as a homicide.

Police can confirm that in the last three months, there were no calls of suspicious activity or criminal activity about the facility reported to them.

The initial investigation does not indicate there was any illegal or criminal activity going on at the facility.

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