Chemsex @ Baths Led Lawyer’s Downfall

Chemsex @ Baths Led To Lawyer's Downfall
Chemsex @ Baths Led To Lawyer's Downfall

Lawyer Hendry Hendron tried drugs at the baths. That chemsex moment lead him down a path to more drugs, his partner dying of an overdose, an addiction to Crystal Meth. In his own words the night his partner Miguel died

It wasn’t that much drugs, that I was aware. I think ultimately what must have happened, having tried to kind of recount the events of that night, is that the G was mixed up, because we decanted G into a glass and then we decanted from that into a glass we drank, but there were two identical glasses. ‘I can only surmise that Miguel took the wrong glass and drank it.

Then the downward spiral in the chemsex world began

‘When I woke up in the morning, without my glasses or lenses in, he wasn’t moving, but there was this red patch I could make out around his face. Instantly, I just knew this was bad.

‘I put my glasses on and screamed and I realized that it was just blood around his face and … he was blue in color.’

‘Half an hour or so passed and the paramedics came in and I knew what they were going to say. They sat me down and said, “I’m sorry, we’ve not been able to restart Miguel’s heart.”

‘There was now several dozen emergency services people in my living room, and with that line, “We haven’t been able to restart Miguel’s heart,” they got up and left, and as they got up, six police officers from the City of London came forward and I was immediately arrested and handcuffed.’

Which led to an addiction to Crystal Meth in his continuation of chemsex

‘I think I had crystal meth once before that occasion, and it was a one-off. It’s when my partner then died that I then kind of went on to the hard stuff.’

‘Up until that point drugs, for me, I guess was an excuse really to have lots of sex, and justify it … an escape. Ultimately it was just me making excuses for what I was doing.

‘I never took any drugs by myself until my boyfriend died and then I was actually sitting in this flat and I was just unbelievably distraught. Suicidal. I thought “What do I do?”

‘I stopped drinking because I was increasingly depressed and I knew that that was going to end up with me jumping off a bridge or something. I turned to drugs, as a friend, I guess, and that was a bad decision.’

‘My response to Miguel’s death was to go on the biggest drug binge I’d ever been on.

With ‘Excess free time, cash in the bank he went off partying from one gay sex party to another around London.

‘And I was still on bail at the time. I had to report to the police station on Mondays and Fridays, and even pitched up at the police station with drugs in my pocket. I’d leave one party and go to sign on, and get an Uber or taxi and then go back to that party or go to another. I just didn’t care.

‘I’d lost everything really. Money didn’t make any difference to me.

‘I ended up in hospital several times. I ended up almost dying on two occasions. One pretty close. The doctors told me this as I was coming around in Intensive Care, strapped to the bed and things coming out of every orifice of your body. And they said, “It was pretty close, you know.”

‘And do you know what I did? I discharged myself from hospital on that occasion, in St Thomas’s and I went out partying again. I think that was the very same day. Nothing was going to stop me.’

Though now he is trying to get his life back on track

‘Is it really worth it? It really isn’t. I lost my career, or was at the point of losing it, I lost the person I really loved in my life, and I lost several hundred thousand pounds of money because of it, and I’ve lost the opportunity to do better things. And for what? For some artificial high. ‘I would like some crystal meth now but I’m not going to have any … if I kept on going, it would kill me.’

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