Jake Gyllenhaal Spotted At The Baths

Jake Gyllenhaal Spotted At The Baths
Jake Gyllenhaal Spotted At The Baths

Jake Gyllenhaal Spotted At The Baths. Unfortunately it was a straight bathhouse. They do exist as a place for guys (or gals) to relax, unwind and just chill out. Just like a gay bathhouse, but without any sex or cruising.

Writes The New York Post

Organizers of Elit by Stoli’s male-only gathering had taken over the place, with white towel-wearing guests including Nobu’s Richie Notar, venture capitalist Adam Dell, Niche Media founder Jason Binn, David Rabin and Lance Broumand. We’re told they, ahem, “let it all hang out.”

Straight or gay, men like hanging out with other men while naked. A place like the Russian bathhouse is a chance to being naked with other guys while still being in a place that is a “legitimate” bathhouse without it being a gay bathhouse.

One person who has been to this bathhouse has written about his experiences there this way

I used to love the 10th Street Baths back in its single-sex days. Lots of immigrant types and old Polish and Russian guys, gay men, young old, etc.

Everyone was naked, but the place was pretty much sex-free, except for the Russian female masseuses (NOT massage therapists) who gave hand jobs and blow jobs for $25 to $50 to the straight men who wanted them.

I used to get massages from the male Russian masseurs, who appeared to be somewhat homophobic. There was one very young hot to-die-for guy who was very surly and would be extremely rough with the massages he gave me, like he was furious to have to work on a fag. But jesus, it felt good to be so manhandled by him, naked with his long beautiful uncut dick.

And there was an enormous — maybe 300 pounds — very hairy blond-all-over guy who was like a bear or a bull, he was so strong. The room was tiny and when he needed to get to the other side of the table, he would pick up the whole table with me on it and move it so he could get in a better position. And I always felt wrung out like an old wash cloth when he finished.

There were a few male hustlers who hung out there, but they were very discreet and did not operate with any degree of openness on the premises. I remember one very hot young guy who appeared to be straight and had an absolute horse dick that mesmerized me, and he followed me out one day and offered to let me suck it, for a price, of course, but alas I was young and too poor to hire him. I had to scrimp and save to have the cash to go once or twice a month.

But then they integrated the sexes so there were always women there and the men stopped going naked and started wearing swim trunks. Sigh.

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