Dancing With Tina – Meth & Baths Memoir

Dancing With Tina - Meth & Baths Memoir
Dancing With Tina - Meth & Baths Memoir

Dancing With Tina written by Terry Oldes is a very compelling and fascinating book about one man’s struggle within the sub-culture of the PnP and Crystal Meth community.

Now I bet you are wondering what this has to do with a website devoted to Bathhouse news and views. About one-third of his book is devoted to the author’s bathhouse escapades while on and off Crytsal Meth. So for those who like reading about people’s bathhouse adventures, this makes a prefect read. After my own website of course, Bathhouse Blues.

I’m only halfway through this book, and everything he has written is bang on. The only thing I didn’t recognize (and this is only based on my own personal bathhouse experiences) is the amount of narcs (undercover cops) cruising the bathhouse hallways. Looking to bust anyone taking illegal drug. In my entire Bathhouse experience I have never seen a narc at the baths. Nor could I ever imagine any bathhouse owner allowing the cops into an establishment to bust drug users. That would be business suicide, as men would avoid that place like the plague. Even guys who are not drug takers would feel uncomfortable knowing that the cops were observing everything. But every state is different, with ones own laws and regulations. This book takes place in Chicago, Ill so who knows. Maybe it does happen. If any of you Gay Chicagoans want to weight in, please comment below.

Other than that this book is a fascinating read with bathhouse sex, PnP action, group sex, 3Ways, 4Ways, Crystal Meth and a host of fascinating characters the author encounters in his journey. A star book if there ever was one. Pick it up over the holidays and get comfy for a great read. You won’t be disappointed.

This book should be available at your local bookstores and Amazon.com

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