John Grant Music Video In Gay Bathhouse

John Grant Music Video
John Grant Music Video

Openly gay and HIV+ singer-songwriter John Grant has set his latest music video in a gay bathhouse. The setting fits the title of the song which is entitled “Disappointing”. Really who hasn’t hit the gay baths and has been disappointed.

Directed by David Wilson, who has directed videos for Arcade Fire, explains the concept.

“The idea for the promo came very clearly to me. I pitched the idea of John being surrounded by men and objects that would be temptations or distractions from a monogamous relationship.

“This concept then developed into the camera becoming distracted by these temptations, and for John to be steadfast: addressing the viewer, often appearing, as if by magic at the beginning and end of long, flowing camera moves. It’s been fun to treat the camera as an entity in itself: not quite a person, more a point-of-view that continually veers away from John and go down a rabbit hole of a gay sauna.”

See for yourself and watch John Grant music video below. John Grant’s third album, Grey Tickles, Black Pressure, is out Oct. 2. Makes a great Christmas gift for that person who is hard to shop for. This would definitely be an original gift for sure.

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