Another Death At Pleasuredrome Gay Sauna

Another Death At Pleasuredrome Gay Sauna
Another Death At Pleasuredrome Gay Sauna

37-year-old man collapsed at the Pleasuredrome gay sauna, and later pronounced dead the hospital. Right now the cause of death is unknown.

Due to its investigation, the venue was temporarily shut down for 24 hours.

Pleasuredrome has had a history of men dying at this facility, as three men had died in 2012. Read Another Death At Gay Sauna In London for more into.

A join inquest was later conducted. Go to Inquest Into Drug Overdose At Bathhouse to read more.

The sauna’s proprietor, Charles Hill, has said since the incidents the sauna has been ‘more aggressive’ in their drug searches and is now clean. Emergency strip lights has been installed, which was a complaint paramedics had. As it was hard for them to see while doing their duties. In addition more staff have been trained in CPR. In compliance with city council, the number of hours to rent a room have been reduced.

A Scotland Yard spokeswoman said: “Police were called at approximately 3.40pm yesterday by staff at a south London hospital after a man who had been admitted there earlier in the day died.

“The man, believed to be aged 37, was admitted to hospital after being taken ill at a venue in Cornwall Road. The death is being treated as unexplained at this time.”

Pleasuredrome promotional video below.

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