Dance Theater Piece Dramatizes The Baths

Dance Theater Piece Dramatizes The Baths
Dance Theater Piece Dramatizes The Baths

DV8 Physical Theater is a dance company that has produced many highly acclaimed dance pieces. Their latest is project is a dance theater entitled JOHN. The title character has an abusive father and a shattered family. We see him go through compulsion, addiction, cruising, HIV, loneliness and being starved of love.

As the dance theater piece gets into the character’s present day life, the show moves into the hardly discussed world of gay saunas. There John finds himself a regular customer, in search for love and that personal connection. Throughout the dance spoken word and movement are combined to create an intense, moving and poignant theatrical experience.

Writes Greg Mitchell of The Gay UK

“Later the set doubles for the gay sauna where much of the second part of the piece is played out, perfect in its depiction of the endless cruising from sauna to steam room to rest rooms. Much of the choreography is unbelievably complex. In the group scenes, you feel that if one member of the company were to misplace a foot or a hand, then the whole delicate balance would be destroyed.”

For more check out the trailer at the video below. For touring dates go to their Facebook page at link above.

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