Steamwerkz The Musical Excerpt

Steamwerkz The Musical Excerpt
Steamwerkz The Musical Excerpt

The Annoyance Theater in Chicago has been presenting Steamwerkz – The Musical since the summer.

Matt La Luz of The Chicago Phoenix writes,

“The musical never loses steam as it savagely rolls through a sharper than sharp script which gives the characters plenty of great one-liners and snappy gags. Overall the show is an instant gay camp-fest. Surefire hit for those looking for something light, funny, and with a huge dose of raunchiness.”

Cast member Ben Kramer says

“A lot of gay men, on the surface, will talk shit about Steamworks like it’s a dirty place to go. It’s a very normal thing to do and it’s really just following an impulse. Everyone is there for the same reason, so what is there to be ashamed of?”

Cast member John Loos says

“My first opinion was that it was really clean and really nice, but I compared it to a haunted house, a hotel and a laser-tag arena,”

Director Clay Goodpasture concludes

“It is a celebration of coming out. Whereas we’re very silly in it, I think it has a core message. If anything, I think it’s going to make people head right down the street to Steamworks. It’s just a good, good time.”

The Annoyance Theater has just released this musical excerpt on their YouTube channel. So enjoy the sneak peek!

For more information on other musical excerpt check out Annoyance Theater’s website or go to their Facebook page.

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