Czech Politician Wants Sauna Babylonia Closed

Czech Politician Wants Sauna Babylonia Closed
Czech Politician Wants Sauna Babylonia Closed

Sauna Babylonia targeted for closure. Kateřina Klasnová, a member of parliament of the right wing populist party Public Affairs (VV), is trying to evict a gay sauna currently on Prague-city-owned property.

She claims to have evidence of male prostitution taking place at Sauna Babylonia, which is forbidden.

To further make her point she even displaying gay pornographic images at Prague City Hall as talking points! Private parts were blacked out. Saying

“The essential parts, unfortunately, I blackened out. I’m sorry if I shocked anyone,”

Klasnová bottom line is that she believes the property Sauna Babylonia is paying rent on is way less than its market value, and the city could make more cash.

Prague 1′s mayor Ulrich Lomecký has told the press he will investigate Klasnová claims of prostitution at Sauna Babylonia adding

“The images that she projected here are not conclusive,”

Sauna Babylonia owner Jan Ševčík, meanwhile, says the claims are outrageous.

“No erotic or sexual services are offered. I’m running a sauna, gym and steam room – it’s purely for relaxation. If Ms. Klasnová has a problem with the fact that our sauna is meant for gay men, then that’s discrimination,”

Ševčík, who said he got the lease in 1997 through a “proper tender,” added that what happens behind closed doors is no one else’s business.

“We live in a democratic state; for years now gay couples can have registered partnerships. I think it is natural in our business that two people meet and go together [into a sauna, etc.],” he said.

“What happens next is their affair.”

According to its website Sauna Babylonia was opened in 1998. With a total area of 500m2 including a dry sauna, 2 steam baths with a maze and several relax rooms with video and cabins. The large bar offers a wide variety of soft drinks and alcoholic beverages as well as the sale of accessories. Internet connection free of charge, including WIFI.

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