Death At Montreal Bathhouse After Re-Opening


Bathhouses and other saunas in Montreal were recently given the green light to reopen in Quebec amid Covid19. And already they have had their first death, thought it was probably not due to the Coronavirus.

A 911 call was received at around 1:10 AM from the GI Joe Sauna as a man had reportedly fallen unconscious. When police arrived they found a man, in his 40s, unresponsive, who was later pronounced dead at the police are treating the death as “suspicious”

Even before this customer’s passing, several members of the gay community expressed their discomfort of the gay baths even reopening. GI Joe sauna reacted the controversy of reopening

“When the saunas were closed, people still fucked in the parks, the alleys, the cycle tracks, and everywhere where they could but without any hygiene protection, condoms, lubricant and Purell without any cleanliness, “wrote management, who talks about his establishment as a safer place to have sex.

Little more about GI Joe Sauna from its website

The GI Joe Sauna is the most popular and largest sauna in Quebec, 14,000 sq.ft. of pleasure, spread over four floors as well as a large roof terrace, the atmosphere was recently renewed decor, it remains between others, the place of the most beautiful guys who come from around the world where everyone finds his fantasies without compromise.

Showers with voyeur corner.

Our 24 Hour rooms have in/out privileges allowing you to go out and return whenever you want.

Special rates are offered based on time and day of the week.

The sauna has a several well equipped play areas.

Come for a night, meet new men and realize a few of your wildest fantasies.

Keep coming back, as we have many other great changes planned!

Welcome to everyone and anyone – all are welcome.

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