Spa Excess Closes 1st Time In 20 Years Due To Fire

Spa Excess Fire
Burned Mattress Due To Unattended Laptop’s Combustion (White Square Is Where The Laptop Sat)

So What Happened at Spa Excess?

On Friday, February 7th at about 2pm, our staff discovered a second floor room on fire. With additional staff assistance and the cooperation of our patrons, they attempted to subdue the fire while working to empty the Spa Excess building of guests.

The response from Toronto Fire Department was speedy and spectacular with 8 trucks and various support services in immediate attendance. Through everyone’s cooperation and incredible efforts, the club was evacuated and the fire quickly controlled. Incredibly, no one was seriously injured and the damage, although serious, was fairly contained. Toronto Fire and our own personnel did a great job of keeping everyone safe while working to limit the damage as much as possible.

As determined by Toronto Fire Department, the fire was caused by an unattended laptop’s combustion and fast spread. Have a peek at the mattress in the photos above and you can see the perfectly outlined laptop silhouette!

So What’s Next?

Because fire retardant was sufficient to contain the blaze, there is no water damage and the structural repairs are not extensive. There is however extensive smoke and fire retardant damage with serious damage to many of the doors, walls and various hardware in the rooms and play areas.

The first floor and a handful of other areas are relatively unscathed and will be back in order with a good scrubbin. Most of the mattresses and room amenities will also have to be replaced. Of course, this means that for the first time in over two decades (!) we are temporarily closed.

Almost immediately we began clean-up and everyone here is working around the clock to get the Ol’ Dame in tip top condition for you guys!

OK, But How Long ’til Re-Opening?!

With the restoration and rebuild underway, we are making a big push to re-open in about three weeks! And we’re gonna keep you posted along the way with up-to-date info and photos so you can see how we’re making out!

To see more pictures of the fire go here

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